Who we are

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The project partners are:

Finnish Theatre Information Centre, Finland

Kunstenloket, Belgium

Stichting Internationale Culturele Activiteiten SICA, Netherlands

Arts Council of Wales ACW/WAI , Wales

Fundació Interarts per a la Cooperació Cultural Internacional, Spain

Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Italy

Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe Pearle*, Belgium

Association Européenne des Conservatoires AEC, Netherlands

European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), Netherlands

European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), Belgium

IETM, Belgium

Associated Partners

Network of European Museum Organisations NEMO, Germany

Romanian Museum Network, Romania

The partners piloting the CMCPs are:

Kunstenloket from Belgium

SICA from the Netherlands

Arts Council of Wales / Wales Arts International

Interarts from Spain.

The other partners support setting up the CMCP-network and contribute to the project actions with their own expertise.